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Jan 19th, 2011 - 21:48:14

5 Most Popular Online Casino Games For The Beginner
Online Casinos are becoming increasingly popular these days. Slot machines, Blackjack, Roulette and Craps are some of the most commonly played games at an online casino. A person who wishes to play in an online casino needs to have some basic information about how these games are...
Jan 19, 2011

Starting a Football Betting Career
As a novice to football bets, the first thing you must learn is the types of bets used. These are the basics to a successful betting career. There are various types of football bets. A few of them are Straight Wagers, Money Line Wagers, Half-time Wagers, Parlays, Future and Proposition wagers, Teasers, Reverse Wagers, etc. Gaining a basic idea about some of these..
Jun 11, 2010

Of Fouls and Football
The last few games I watched left me with a feeling that something has changed in football. I realize now that it has to do with how officials are abused with just a head shake or being addressed as ‘sir’ distastefully. Following is the differences between cricket, football rugby league and rugby union. In rugby there are no limits on the number of games a player will miss due to suspension for disciplinary reasons. For a highly offensive act a player may be placed on suspension for a good number of games…
Jan 29, 2010

The Appeal of Online Bingo
The Internet and personal computers have become more and more important in our daily lives. Many tasks traditionally done in person can now be taken care of using the internet. Emails can keep family members separated by miles in close contact or provide an avenue through which to chat or even hold video conferences. The use of the internet has also migrated into the many ways in which we seek recreational entertainment. Online sites offer quite the variety of games. These games make it more convenient for people…
Oct 5, 2009

Manchester United v Arsenal
On the 29th of August, Manchester United will host Arsenal in their first game against each other this season. These two teams have an age old rivalry that adds some spice to all of their encounters, and this match will be no different. This game is definitely going to be a close match, especially since the two teams are so evenly matched. In the past, of the 158 matches that they have played against each other, Manchester United has won 63, the teams have drawn 38 and Arsenal has won 57. The record…
Aug 28, 2009

Tottenham v Birmingham Saturday Football
On the 29th of August 2009, Tottenham Hotspurs will host Birmingham city at White Hart Lane, the home stadium of the spurs. Tottenham are the favorites to win this match as they have a well-balanced team with a good manager. Birmingham on the other hand, has just been promoted to the Premier League. Birmingham's lack of experience in the league will definitely give the Spurs a great advantage. Betfair is currently offering…
Aug 28, 2009

Liverpool v Aston Villa Premier League encounter
Liverpool is all set to take on Aston Villa in their Premier League encounter on Monday 24st of August. The game will be hosted by Liverpool. Liverpool has an enviable record on home games. The Villans meanwhile would like to work on reversing their losing trend to Liverpool. In the beginning of the year, Liverpool had played Aston Villa more than 86…
Aug 24, 2009

Manchester United v Birmingham City
The match between Manchester United and Birmingham City to be held on Sunday, August 16, has thrown the football betting world in a state of excitement. The performance statistics of these two teams show that Manchester United is the better team, with several league wins to their credit. But, they have lost some of their hottest football stars to rival teams during this summer season…
Aug 16, 2009

Tottenham v Liverpool Football Betting
Football fans are looking forward to the match at 16.00 GMT on Sunday August 16 2009, between Tottenham Hotspurs and Liverpool F.C. This match kicks off the first Super Sunday of the upcoming season, and Liverpool will be playing an away match against the..
Aug 13, 2009

Everton v Arsenal Betting line up
The English premiership kicks off this Saturday with the ‘Toffees’ hosting Arsenal, who just about managed to make it to Europe last season. Everton were not too far behind either. These teams are coached by two veteran premiership managers and have given us some intense matches over the.…
Aug 13, 2009

Lets Talk Sports Betting!
With internet betting catching up at full speed, this sports betting glossary will prove to be useful for new bettors. With very simple and easy to understand terminology, this core glossary is sure to give a general knowledge of betting jargon. Go Ahead, Read on!
Jul 14, 2009

Soccer Betting Tips - Free Soccer Bets
There are innumerable games which lead to sports betting and some of the most popular sporting activities have become some of the biggest sports betting industries in the world today. Each betting game has a specific objective that it targets to achieve. One major characteristic of all betting activities is that the main target is to make money by way of a wager. Each bet has standard rules that are followed based on the particular type of...
Feb 22, 2009

Two cash back offers from Sportingbet
This weekends UK horse race betting looks let to be a winner. Sporting Bet are refunding losing bets at Doncaster and Aintree this Saturday. Two cash back betting offers are available so sign up and place a bet today with
Oct 25, 2008

All you need to know about Sports Betting
Sports’ betting is all about prediction. Predicting the outcome of a sports result and making a wager to back your prediction. Sports’ betting is as such not a new concept. Betting on sports in some form or the other has been around for a long time. For instance gambling used to be a longtime tradition in England and this tradition was brought on to the United States of America by the colonists. The colonists are known to have wagered on fighting, horse racing and even cockfighting. In the 1800’s the sport...
Oct 23, 2008

MLB Betting Tips
While some indulge in such gambles to make money and some do it to add excitement to a game they enjoy, there are many loyal supporters who bet on their favorite teams irrespective of its winning percentage or the point spread. As MLB makes a fresh entry in 2008, there are innumerable bettors that will lose out on a lot of money because of insufficient knowledge of baseball betting itself. This is depressing news considering the fact that baseball is one of the easiest sports to handicap and thus is one of...
Aug 30, 2008

NBA Betting tips - Sports Betting Online
In case you want to bet on the NBA leagues and profit from the same, you may want to know some finer aspects of the betting process. Like any other game, betting on NBA has its own rules and regulations and the nuances include knowing strategies and information that is up to date. However, there are major differences between betting on say, football and the NBA. We will look at some of these factors that drive betting on...
Aug 10, 2008

Gambling Online - NFL Betting Tips
If you want to bet on NFL and are looking for ways in which you can enhance your betting income, you may have to consider some points before you want to bet. There are some bets that are low paying and low risk whereas others have bigger payouts with greater risk. As happens with any form of betting, the income that you earn from NFL betting is directly proportional to the kind of risk appetite that you have. So, the...
Jul 9, 2008

Golf Betting – A Highly Profitable Business
A person who has been in the betting business for a reasonable period of time would vouch for the fact that golf betting is one of the most exciting things under the sun. Added to the excitement is the potential for high rewards. One of the primary reasons for this is the money involved in golf tournaments. These tournaments quite often produce highly rewarded winners...
Jun 10, 2008

Final Fixture at Ascot
The finale is always the best period of a tournament. With excitement and expectation running high, the final fixture of the horse racing season is scheduled from 28th September to the 30th of September at the Ascot racecourse. The fixture is drawing near and bettors as well as racing enthusiasts are keeping their fingers crossed for the deciding...
Sep 28, 2007

Manchester United vs Chelsea – The Titans Lock Horns Again
The match between Manchester United and Chelsea is the most-awaited of the season for obvious reasons. And from first looks, it is impossible to pick a winner. There are several reasons for this. Christiano Ronaldo is playing better than he ever did and as we all know, he is a big match performer. A lot is expected of him for this match and with drastic improvement in his game, people are keeping their fingers crossed. Ronaldo’s biggest opponents...
Sep 21, 2007

The Basics of Betting in Horse Racing
While betting on horse races, you must remember that the primary objective is to beat the Oddsmaker. There are people who bet on horse racing for the pleasure they derive out of it. Horse racing thrives on people’s bets and when the event is a people’s favorite, it will certainly draw in more bets. Typically, betting is carried out through Sportsbooks and Bookmakers. These are the people who help you place bets. If you wish to place a bet on a horse race, you can approach these entities, either in person or through online betting sites. A few...
Sep 19, 2007

England vs. France – Payback Time
For rugby fans, the match between England and France on Saturday will be the most awaited. The only disappointment, however, would be the expanding injury list. The weekend game at Twickenham will decide if the injuries would have a role to play in helping France to avenge the defeat it suffered at the hands of the Englishmen in March this year. The last time the two teams had locked horns, England had managed to come out on top with a 26-18 victory at...
Aug 15, 2007

Chelsea v Birmingham – Injuries Could Make the Difference
Roman Abramovich’s side has always been a force to reckon with. Chelsea has rarely disappointed its fan base that spans every corner of the world. The ‘glamour boys’, Chelsea, have always been associated with style on the field. However, the quality of football they play has never been questioned. They play to win and this is one of the primary reasons why the side is one of the best. With a runners-up finish in the last Premier League Championship, Chelsea would look...
Aug 11, 2007

Arsenal Vs Fulham – Goliath Meets David
When the Gunners play, it is certain that the world would sit and watch for the pure exhilarating football that this team provides every time it sets its foot on the field. With the Premiership about to start, millions of Arsenal fans have already started expecting a sensational performance this time as well. With Arsenal, excitement is guaranteed, victory or no victory. Manager...
Aug 11, 2007

Place Successful Bets in NFL Playoffs
For bookies all over the world, NFL Playoffs is one of the most exciting times of the year. NFL betting surpasses all other sports and the interest doesn’t wane till the Super Bowl. So, if you wish to make your betting efforts at NFL fructuous, you need to delve into some trends and facts that help you place smart bets. Unlike the regular season, in NFL it is either a win or a drive back home. Here, the better team is always the one that wins. There have been instances when wild card teams have advanced in the playoffs to beat ‘better’ teams and win the Super Bowl. So, while placing your...
Jul 22, 2007




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