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Slots were one of the first casino games. In those days, gambling could be counted on the fingers – dices, cards and slots. People could play dice and poker in brothels, in theaters during the anthrax, in taverns. But slots – only in real casinos. Now things are a little different. If you visit any popular online casino, you will see more than 300, 500 or 800 online slots. Why have slots become so popular? The answer is simple – availability, variability and big money.

In order to play online slot machines you do not need education, skill or knowledge. You can start playing in two clicks, just create an account and have some money. Game developers also do their best to keep players interested. Modern pokies have chic 3D graphics, smooth animations, interactive levels and great design. By the way, do you know why slots are called pokies in Australia? This is a local abbreviation for poker online slot machines, which have established in the Australian culture.

The best real money slots in Australia

You can play online slot machine games for free and for real money. First of all, it depends on the casino. If you want to play for fun, then look for a free browser or mobile casino. And if you want to get real money playing pokies, then only real money platforms are suitable for you. Every month, casinos and review sites make a list of the most popular slots at the moment. Here are the 5 most popular real money games now:

  1. Aliens. Incredible slot machine based on movies, made in the style of action RPG. In the game you will go through the levels of an alien ship, collect weapons and ammunition, while earning coins.
  2. Batman vs. Superman. Another slot machine made based on movies and comics. Interesting graphics, exciting bonus levels and unusual gameplay.
  3. Beach. A relaxing slot machine with a pleasant atmosphere and graphics. After several spins, the game will take you to the ocean beach.
  4. Beowulf. The game is based on the Celtic legend of the hero. During spins, you will have to fight the dragon to get a large multiplier and many coins.
  5. Mega Moolah. A slot machine with a progressive jackpot that has been in the tops of real money slots for more than 10 years. Classic pokies with great graphics.

Found your favorite game? If not, don’t worry, more than 1000 slots with different themes, graphics and gameplay are waiting for you on the Internet.

About free penny slots with bonus features

Penny slots are slot machines with a bet of less than one dollar. They used to be very popular in Las Vegas, along with $2 blackjack. You can play penny slots both for real money and for free. There is a third option – play for real money for free. To do this, you will need to find a casino with no deposit bonus in the form of cash or free spins on a penny slot. Penny online slot machines bonus features:

  • Lots of paylines. Due to the fact that each line costs less than $1, you can bet on 20, 50 or 200+ lines at the same time.
  • Saving. With small bets you will need a lot of time to lose your balance.
  • Easy jackpots. If you play many lines at once, then you have a great chance to pick up the jackpot.

Penny slots guarantee you a fun pastime. Download a free casino on your mobile phone and play them from anywhere in the world.


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